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Re: Calling all testers: debian-installer images for sarge/alpha

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 02:38:08PM +0800, Cameron Patrick wrote:
> Jay Estabrook wrote:
> | HOWEVER, I couldn't get the installer to find the installatiopn CD
> | after booting from it, regardless of IDE or SCSI CDROM drive.
> I couldn't get it to find the SCSI CDROM on my Alpha.  The kernel
> detected it but d-i couldn't see it, as I described in more detail on
> debian-boot.

Yes, that was how it acted on my machine (kernel driver saw it, but
the installer didn't).

I believe that my IDE CDROM wasn't detected by the driver, though, or
even that an IDE driver was successfully loaded... :-\

And, is there any reason why there are so many IDE drivers that couldn't
possibly (IMHO) be in an Alpha, that are part of the build? I mean, what's
the sense in having a VIA mobo chipset-only IDE driver???

> | Also, neither the SYM/NCR driver(s) nor the DAC960 driver were included,
> | making the install machine selection much smaller...
> Really?  It detected the ncr SCSI controller on my AlphaStation, and the
> disc and CDROM attached to it.

Ah, my bad; another "senior" moment, I fear... ;-}

IIRC, it was the Adaptec (aic7xxx) driver that wasn't there. IIRC, the
Qlogic ISP and NCR drivers were there...


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