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Re: Debian alpha install with reiserfs support

Ok. Thank you Tyson. I try to implement your method.

Thank you for all.

 --- Tyson Whitehead <twhitehe@uwo.ca> escribió: > I'm
running ReiserFS on my PWS500au.
> I had quite a time installing, however, as there was
> some sort of ReiserFS  
> bug in the Debian version of kernel 2.4.18 [or
> somewhere around there] that 
> crashed or scrambled data or something.  I believe
> more recent Debian 
> versions are fine (I'm currently running a stock
> 2.4.21 with no problem).
> The easiest way to install it is to make 4
> partitions.  Make the first a 20MB 
> one or so (if you are using SRM to boot, remember to
> leave 512 sectors or so 
> unpartitioned at the start for the aboot image). 
> Make the last a swap 
> partition.  Split the remaining space between the
> second and third.
> Format the third as an ext2 system and install a
> base system onto it.  Once 
> installed, get the Reiser utilities and format the
> second as a ReiserFS.
> Copy the /boot directory over to the first and
> reconfigure aboot to boot off 
> of it (abootconf).  You need a copy of
> /etc/aboot.conf on it as well (I moved 
> my /etc/aboot.conf to it and simlinked it backed).
> Copy the root file system 
> from third to second (correct fstab and aboot.conf
> to set the second as 
> root).
> Reboot and you're done.
> -T
> PS:  If you don't want the third partition anymore
> (which you can now reformat 
> as Reiser), remove it.  Take the boot floppies and
> erase stuff off them that 
> you don't need (such as the ext2 utilities).  Copy
> the Reiser utilities onto 
> it (this usually requires adding libraries as well
> -- check with ldd).
> Boot off the floppy, switch to the console, resize
> the second partition and 
> then use resize_reiserfs to extend the file system
> to fill it up.
> -- 
>  Tyson Whitehead  (-twhitehe@uwo.ca -- WSC-)
>  Computer Engineer                        Dept. of
> Applied Mathematics,
>  Graduate Student- Applied Mathematics    University
> of Western Ontario,
>  GnuPG Key ID# 0x8A2AB5D8                 London,
> Ontario, Canada
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