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Re: Module problem with 2.6.0-test9

I know that's an option, but given the choice I'd rather not do that and there has to be a bug somewhere causing this.

And what's even stranger is that I just noticed that when I boot up tulip fails to load as a module but if I load jfs then try tulip again it loads fine... Removing jfs causes it to fail with a relocation error again, what could tulip and jfs have in common? And even better is if I rmmod jfs tulip keeps working.

Nathan Poznick wrote:

Thus spake Jim Crilly:
Currently running Sarge on a PWS600au and some modules (not all) fail to load with the error "Relocation overflow vs section X" where X varies per module. This isn't new with test9, I noticed it on earlier kernels too but I'm not sure where it started. I compiled the kernel with 3.3.2 and ld, the newest in sarge. XFS and reiserfs were two modules that I tried to load but had them fail.

I did see a few posts on lkml about this in even 2.5 kernels but no fixes or even acknowledgments of a problem, is there some form of work around or fix in the works? I'd be more than willing to test workarounds or patches, the box isn't in production for anything.

I had this happen, but chalked it up to a binutils bug (that may or may
not be correct)... my "solution" was to compile a monolithic kernel for
the time being.

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