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Re: Sarge - when available?

On Sun, Oct 26, 2003 at 06:31:49PM -0000, Peter Watkinson wrote:
> When is the next "stable" version of Debian GNU/Linux going to be available
> I've had all sorts of adventures with "Sid", unstable and testing versions
> of Debian with my two alphas over the last year or so! I think in future
> I'll keep my xp1000 under sarge and my up1500 under testing. "Sid", Unstable
> is a bit to nerve wracking for me....

Simply: When it is ready. There is a time table available, all the
details you can find in recent Debian Weekly News, which aims for a
release at the end of the year, the latest update talked about a two
week delay. But my best bet is to watch DWN regularly (appears
Wednesdays) and help out if you can (e.g. Debian Installer, killing RC
bugs, ...).



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