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Re: Debian alpha install with reiserfs support

On Sun, Oct 26, 2003 at 10:22:06AM +0100, Carlos L.M. wrote:
> Hi all,
>   Where can I find boot floppies with reiserfs support
> (or another journaling filesystem different than ext3)
> to install a new box with Debian 3.0 ???

I doubt there are such boot floppies. What I do know is that the
partition you boot from with aboot (no idea about AlphaBios/Milo)
needs to be ext2, but this could probably a small /boot partition.

>  And, if is not possible, how can i use journaling
> filesystems like reiserfs or jfs on my debian server
> (It is a production server).

Well, a while ago someone managed to run xfs on the alpha. A while ago
I tried jfs, but could not get it to work (but this was before it got
integrated into the kernel) (yes, I went on the apropriate mailing
list, but there were some 64bit issues). About reiserfs I don't know,
but I would be cautios with it, but again, I only use ext3.

So I guess I would install the system into the "swap" partition
(leaving the remaining disk blank) and try to experiment. Or better,
if your /usr doest not need journaling (which I assume), simply do a
normal install and use lvm, so you can create some "toy" partitions to
check the various filesystems out.

Other experiences of course wellcome.


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