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[Fwd: Re: Alpha Workstation Clustering with OpenSSI]

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On Sat, 2003-10-18 at 19:05, Riccardo Vestrini wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I would like to request you comments about OpenSSI (www.openssi.org)
> I have ten Alpha Workstation 500au which I would like to put on good
> use, 
> I seached the web for an open clustering tech and I found the OpenSSI
> Project 
>  homepage; I tried to install it on a workstation, but I was not able to
> obtain a running kernel, anyway I spent only two evenings on this
> problem,
> so I'm not a real "user", for now
> Has anyone managed to use it properly on an Alpha with Debian? Could you
> provide me suggestions on where I can find documentation about open
> clustering
> tech with Alpha running Debian Linux?

Yes i use it on my two node alpha Linux cluster with Debian. Latest
release may not work on Alpha. I had verified till the last 2.4.18 linux
kernel release. The latest openSSI release is on 2.4.20-20.9 redhat

BTW redhat releases doesn't build on Alpha. You can use the Vanilla
release.  Get the release under this heading. 

"Get OpenSSI 0.9.8 for vanilla GNU/Linux. Based on the Linux 2.4.18
kernel. Runs on Debian."

There is also a sample .config file which i use in the CVS repository at

If you are interested in CVS ( I use CVS most of the time ) check out
cvs with TRUNK-GOOD tag. 


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