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Alpha Workstation Clustering with OpenSSI

Hi folks,

I would like to request you comments about OpenSSI (www.openssi.org)

I have ten Alpha Workstation 500au which I would like to put on good use, 
I seached the web for an open clustering tech and I found the OpenSSI Project 
 homepage; I tried to install it on a workstation, but I was not able to
obtain a running kernel, anyway I spent only two evenings on this problem,
so I'm not a real "user", for now

Has anyone managed to use it properly on an Alpha with Debian? Could you
provide me suggestions on where I can find documentation about open clustering
tech with Alpha running Debian Linux?

Thanks in advance

ps: ** background **

Other clustering tech are in the web, but:
OpenMosix: no Alpha support, and 9500 (or 8000, I do not remember exactly)
  lines of IA32 specific code... too much
Beowulf: damn, where is the source code! I can not afford to buy it
Compaq clustering shipped with tru64: requires a common scsi bus

I'm an "undergraduate" (university, 4th year) italian student at
"Scuola Sant'Anna" (Pisa, Italy, www.sssup.it) 

I'm a Debian user since 2001 and I'm unofficial administrator of my
university's lab with one friend, lab features 25 hosts


                               Riccardo Vestrini

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