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Kernel Upgrading Query

I'm new to using Debian on DEC alpha machines and need some help/pointers on
upgrading the kernel.

Currently I have a DEC alpha 600au comfortably running Debian with the 2.2.20
kernel. However, I want to run a 2.4 series kernel so that I can use 
raidtools2 on the system.

I'd hoped to simply use dselect to grab and configure
kernel-image-2.4.18-generic which seemed to work (after I'd put "do_initrd=Yes"
into the /etc/kernel-img.conf file :)) and tried booting the system with the
aboot command:	boot vmlinuz root=/dev/ram initrd=boot/initrd.img
which works OK until the boot process gets to the point of freeing unused
kernel memory after which I get the error message:

	sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

obviously I'm doing something wrong and would appreciate some advice :).

Peter Lyons

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