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Re: which ATI video does 164LX ARC firmware like?

On Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 10:07:38PM -0700, Gregory P. Smith wrote:
> >
> > However, I've had a few problems with the 7000, and the 9100, AFAIK,
> > has never been 3D-tested in the PCI version *OR* on the Alpha, so there
> > could be unknown issues (it would also need at least 4.3.0, maybe even
> > the CVS tree, for full support).
> thanks.  I'll get a 7500 and see how it goes.  yes, i meant AlphaBIOS
> (where did i get the name ARC from?  no idea..).  Switching to SRM would
> be a good thing for the future but it means a -lot- of work if i need
> to convert a drive to bsd disklabel partitioning to boot from.

Yes, a lot of work given DOS-partitioned disks... :-\

BTW, I just tried a VisionTek XTASY 9100 64MB DDR PCI in my LX164
under SRM, and it (mostly) worked fine. What I mean is:

1. SRM (v5.8) BIOS emulator worked fine on it,
2. XFree86 4.3.0 recognized what it was and started 2D *and* 3D on it,
3. almost all of the 3D apps seemed to work fine, with no hangs, and
   shutdown to text mode was clean.

Only glitch noticed was some rendering in xscreensaver's "pipes",
which appeared to be as if some black pipes were already in the frame
when rendering started. This did NOT happen on an x86 box running
RH 9 with XFree86 4.3.0-2 and an AGP version of the XTASY 9100 64MB,
so I'm going to look into it as time allows...

Here are a couple of interesting references re: Radeon



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