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Re: which ATI video does 164LX ARC firmware like?

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 11:11:19PM -0700, Gregory P. Smith wrote:
> Any idea which if any of the ATI video cards the 164LX ARC firmware likes?
> I want to replace my Matrox Millenium II with a more modern card and
> am hoping not to have to reflash the firmware.  ATI radeon 7000 (ve),
> 7500 and 9100 are all options i'm considering.
> Also, if I do have to switch to SRM, will recent SRMs boot off of an
> IDE disk?  (i'd like to get rid of the noisy 9gb scsi drive)

Don't know about ARC (do you mean AlphaBIOS ?) (I have switched to
SRM long ago) but I run a Radeon 7500 without problems and boot off
IDE fine.



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