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Re: tuxracer is super slow

On Wednesday 28 May 2003 03:05, Tom Vier wrote:
> i have a dual 833 up2000+ and a pci radeon 7500. glxgears gets 192fps.
> tuxracer is unplayably slow. it takes several seconds to respond to a key,
> and it's about .5fps.
> if anyone else who has it working or not working could post their hw
> config, i'd appreciate it. maybe i can take down what the problem is.
It seems you do not have 3D hardware accelaration working, and fall back
on software 3D rendering. 
I know there has been a problem to get the ATI supplied code into the Xfree86
code tree, and there were plans to fork the xfree86 because of that.
I'm not sure what the status is right now , but I do think you need to
get source code with the right ATI stuff in it and compile your own.
I also still need to get my Radeon 7500 PCI working well in my 164SX box,
but haven't got around to 3D HW accel. stuff.
On a side note, I also struggle with my Radeon on my x86 laptop.

> also, anyone else have problems w/ radeon and xfree86-4? the video gets
> diagonally stretched and wrapped w/ a dotclock > 120.1.
Nope , no problems with that here .......


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