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Re: Debian 3.0 on AS1000A 5/333 won't shutdown/reboot

Hi David!

David Duminy wrote:

The device /dev/srm allows you to set the srm's variables from linux. I think you that 'echo 0 > /dev/srm/boot_osflags ' under linux is equivalent to the 'set boot_osflags 0' under SRM.

the /dev/srm device should be enabled in the kernel. Maybe you have to compile a new kernel to enable it.

Hope this will help.

Thx. I'try this tonight. I there anywhere a special site which describes how to compuile a kernel on an Alphaserver? I just found some sites which are covering 2.0.x ...

What I don't understand is:

Why does the machine try to boot again after the OS has shutdown?
Because of the flag 0?
Then you proposal won't work either? I hope I'm wrong :-)

Regrads, Jens

--On jeudi 15 mai 2003 10:05 +0200 Jens Kruse <jens@kruse-kiel.de> wrote:

Hi David!

David Duminy wrote:

Can you still access to your old kernel ?
If you can , you have to boot in 2.2.20 and use the /dev/srm device  to
set the srm environment variables.

Thx for answering!

I think I've missed something ... ;-)

But first - I think I can get back to 2.2.20, I'll try tonight.

I don't have /dev/srm. What is it, how can I create it and which
environment variables?

Regards, Jens

--On jeudi 15 mai 2003 09:22 +0200 Jens Kruse <jens@kruse-kiel.de> wrote:


I successfully installed Debian 3.0 on my Alphaserver 1000A 5/333.
Booting/Rebooting with aboot and Kernel 2.2.x works fine.

After i installed kernel-2.4.18-generic I have the problem that the
machine - shuts down to SRM and then
- tries to boot again with flag 0
- normal SRM-commands (i.e. set, boot) don't work anymore

To boot automatically I set 'boot_osflags 0' and 'auto_action boot'.

Even a 'boot <cdrom-device>' doesn't work anymore, because it calls the
flag 0 automatically

My questions:
- What would help to get a 'clean' shutdown/reboot?
- Is it possible to cancel the aboot-sequence at startup to set
'boot_osflags <empty>' (is a 'set boot_osflags' enough?)?

Thanks in advance,


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