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UP1500 Openssl speed

Here are the speed test for my Up1500, I suspect it may be an 8mb cache

                  sign    verify    sign/s verify/s
rsa  512 bits   0.0007s   0.0000s   1352.3  24109.1
rsa 1024 bits   0.0024s   0.0001s    409.3   9086.0
rsa 2048 bits   0.0129s   0.0003s     77.8   2939.2
rsa 4096 bits   0.0790s   0.0012s     12.7    847.1

maybe someone else was running something on the es47.

I also reckon that the test only uses one cpu.

I used stock gcc and 2.2 kernel with woody install.

I'll run the test again on this machine - Dual PIII xeon 550mhz 1mb cache
Win2000 again later.

I also have an XP1000 500mhz that set afigure of about 9000 for rsa 512bits

I paid around $US600 for the UP1500 and I hope I get as much out of it as I
did my old 533sx which I had to sell to afford it.

The UP1500 has 512mb pc2100 ddr memory.



Peter Watkinson

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