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Re: Lots of D processes

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 07:35:43PM -0500, Kelledin wrote:
> I've been running an old xfs-1.0 release for a while now (1.0.2 
> iirc).  It appears to be quite stable, on alpha and i386.
> About a week ago I decided to try XFS 1.2 just for fun.  It isn't 
> quite working so well, and I'm still trying to figure out why.  
> I'm having the exact same problems as you are--processes tend to 
> get stuck in 'D' state.  I'm tracking it down even as I type 
> this.

I'm not sure, its whatever XFS that comes with the patches for 2.4.20
off the SGI ftp server.

> So far I've found at least one bug that seems to be related to my 
> problem.  Try grabbing my patch for it at 
> http://skarpsey.dyndns.org/alpha-lfs/patches/linux-2.4.20-xfs-alpha-deadlock.patch 
> and applying it to your XFS-enabled kernel.
I'm just not going to use XFS on the alpha any more.  Gone back to
ext2 and all strangeness has disappeared.

Still cannot boot a newer kernel with the hda interrupt failing, must
be something to do with the IDE driver and irq 14 and 15 but not sure

  - Craig
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