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RE: Opera 7 for alpha linux

> From: thursday_on_alpha [mailto:thursday@allidaho.com]

> I'm using Konqueror as we, ah, speak, and so probably are 
> most list members.  
> Along with Mozilla, it is part of the RH 7.2 distro for 
> alpha.  It works much 
> better than the various Netscapes I've used. 

OK, this shows that I haven't quite got around to updating my
systems to 7.2. It's on the list of things to do when I return
from my current stint of training in Sydney. Did manage to do
some interesting Linux stuff while I was here, connecting an
x86 system to an EVA-110 FC storage system. If I'd thought
about bringing my 7.2 Alpha CDs I could have tried that too.

Huw Davies
Compaq - a Hewlett-Packard Company

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