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Re: Disks for 5300 ?

At 12:51 03/02/03 -0500, Jay Estabrook wrote:

>RZ29B-VW is a 4GB drive, and would work in the 5300 builtin shelf.

Could I subsequently swap the 4GB drive for some other
SCA drive, or will the carrier impose restrictions on the 
type of drive fitted ? 

Does SCA supercede the old ultra, fast and wide options,
or do you get SCA Ultra, SCA Wide etc ? 

>> I've got no budget for maintaining this machine - it
>> belongs to my employer, but I more or less saved it from
>> the skip and I suspect it will be mine next time we're
>> short of space.
>Best option would be to find a "modern" external shelf setup.

This would certainly be the most flexible solution, but 
the existing 9.1GB disk isn't full yet and I've got a 
lot of empty slots. If I know what to look out for, I've
got a good chance of finding something suitable before
I need it.


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