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Disks for 5300 ?

I have a Digital 5300-6533A shipped with NT but now running 
Debian;it runs nicely but has only a single 9.1GB disk, which 
is looking rather small by today's standards.

It seems like a good idea to keep an eye out for some spare
disks on the surplus market, but I'm not familiar with the
variant of SCSI that this uses. The drive is numbered
FR-CFCBA-CA and RZ1DB-VH, and some Googling indicates
that this is probably an SCA drive in a StorageWorks
module but I don't really know what that means ..

Can anyone explain what I should look out for, and what 
will & won't work with moderate bodging ? I've seen a 
somewhat similar module (RZ29B-VW in a green case) fairly
cheap but don't know if it would work.

I've got no budget for maintaining this machine - it
belongs to my employer, but I more or less saved it from
the skip and I suspect it will be mine next time we're
short of space.


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