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Re: X can't find usable screens

On Fri, 27 Sep 2002, Wm. Josiah Erikson wrote:

> I might try turning off fbdev. I have an XP1000 with a Matrox Millennium
> MGA (had to replace the original PBXGC with Cirrus Logic GD5429/IBM
> 26H3574 because it's not supported in XFree86), and that's what I had to
> do to make it work. Email me and I'll send you my config file if you want.

In my experimenting I actually tried turning off fbdev at one point,
and it seemed to make things worse. I got the messages
   (WW) MGA(0): Video BIOS info block not detected!
   [drm] failed to load kernel module "mga"
   (II) MGA(0): [drm] drmOpen failed
   (EE) MGA(0): [drm] DRIScreenInit failed.  Disabling DRI.
Even the mouse initialization seemed to be messed up, and then I got
   Caught signal 11.  Server aborting
Not promising :-(

> On Fri, 27 Sep 2002, Robert Funnell wrote:
> > This week I upgraded my UP1100 from potato to woody, and I can't get
> > xserver-xfree86 to work. It says it can't find any usable screens. I
> > have found many references to such problems, and have tried various
> > combinations of things, but haven't been able to figure out what's
> > wrong. I don't know if this is an X thing, a Debian thing or an alpha
> > thing. Are there known problems with Matrox boards under XFree86 4 in
> > Woody on Alphas?
> >
> > I've appended my XFree86.0.log and XF86Config-4. The HorizSync and
> > VertRefresh settings were generated by the Simple mode in
> > dpkg-reconfigure (for a 19" CRT). I also tried specifying the real
> > frequency ranges in Advanced mode, as well as trying the Medium mode.
> >
> > (I tried using 'XFree86 -configure' and it blanked my screen and
> > apparently froze my system, so I had to reboot. I'm not keen to try to
> > reproduce it. Is this a known problem?)
> >
> > Thanks for any insights. I apologize if I've missed an obvious answer
> > somewhere.
> >
> > - Robert
> >
> > ---------------------------------------------------------
> > ...

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