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Re: Is a Tekram DC-390U3W Ultra/160, UW, Ultra SCSI card supported in Woody ?

At 18:10 17/09/2002 +1000, Michael Lake sent this up the stick:
I need to put another hard drive in my PC164LX running Potato. I will install Woody onto the new hard drive. What I was wondering is if anyone has used and confirm that the following will work ok with the latest Debian Woody, particularly the controller. Anyone got any experience on this. The hardware was suggestred by a alpha knowledgebale seller but he sugggested I search the debian-alpha lists first. A search of the archives didnrt show anything.

Seagate Cheetah 36G 15K rpm Ultra/160 68-pin LVD drive
Tekram DC-390U3W Ultra/160, UW, Ultra SCSI card

Should be a real screamer :) These controllers rock. My Miata boots off it fine as well (srm ver.5-8)

I have checked at tekram (http://www.tekram.com/) and they mention that the controller has drivers for Debian though i presume they mean Intel.


I am informed that the controller uses the SymBIOS chipset.



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