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RE: UP2000+ and IDE-RAID

> I have had pretty good luck with the linux soft-RAID, and the overhead is
> acceptable even on a single 600Mhz pentium, however if your needs dictate
> that you must have maximum data integrity you are probably better off with
> hardware RAID processing, like 3ware or any (at least any I know of) SCSI
> RAID controller.  If you really need data integrity, use a battery backed
> RAID and mount it synchronously.

If we're talking true RAID regardless of interface. The only cards that I know
of that work are from ICP and they're SCSI/FC. Also 'very' expensive and last
time I checked don't offer a battery backup. One could make a 'poor mans'
battery backup by keeping the RAM on the controller powered :-) (JEDEC spec is
your friend). It's just a matter of the supporting firmware and drivers being
capable enough to recognize there is data in the buffer and restore it. Though
that's a hack, better to keep everything on a UPS.

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