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Re: EB64+

At 16:03 9/09/2002 -0700, Noah Ackerman sent this up the stick:
Has anyone had any luck with woody on an EB64+?

I have an Aspen Alpine (which should be similiar) and it doesn't seem to like
the MILO image or the generic kernel at all.  I cross built an EB64+ install
kernel (and drivers.tgz) and used an old MILO image (either from slink or
RedHat 5.2, I am not sure which) and eventually got a woody on the Alpine.
If it's the same for EB64+, I thought I might try submitting an EB64+ subtree
like jensen and nautilus already have.

I have Woody running on a Cabriolet (PC64) - which seems to think at kernel compile time that it's an EB64+ (apparently, PC64 was derived from EB64+). I use srm/aboot rather than arc/MILO however.

Any particular reason you are running arc/MILO?


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