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Re: Booting debian on ES45 (Titan / Privateer)

On Thursday,  5 Sep, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> Booting on a ES45 Titan/Privateer system gives the following:
> --
> halted CPU 0
> halt code = 2

Did you get any aboot messages above that?  Try booting with `b dqa -fl i'
to enter aboot's interactive mode (you'll want to try 0 after that), or
`b dqa -fl 0'.

> kernels stack not valid
> PC=fffffc0000816b4
> --

On Thursday,  5 Sep, George France wrote:
> I would suggest that you use RH-7.2 for Alpha on the ES45.  The ES45
> has been tested with that distribution.  I do not believe that the Debian
> kernel has all the bits for the ES45.

I don't think Debian has access to an ES45 for testing.  Anyway, why not
indeed take advantage of the tested RedHat distribution and use their
kernel with Debian root and driver floppies...


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