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Flash crashed my desk top - Gnome

Hi folks,
Today I went to a website called
about Windsurfing boards!
Of course being 100% flash it wouldn't load then deciding that it even being flash I still wanted to look at it I switched over to my Win2000 x86 machine via a little switch box on my desk - both systems attached to the same monitor, I had a look at the website and when I switched back to my debian Alpha the desktop acted all strange all the top bars of the Windows were above the top of the screen and when I xkilled the aps they kept reappearing, I logged back out to gdm and then logged back in - same thing - reboot - same thing happened again. So for the meantime I've switched to Kde - seems OK. I just did a recent apt-get upgrade from unstable so that might explain it, I'll continue using kde until I do another upgrade soon.
Anyone else had problems with Flash sites?
Peter Watkinson

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