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Re: 2.4.18 + modules + lock up

On Wed 31 Jul 2002, Peter Watkinson wrote:
> I compiled a new kernel from the 2.4.18 source in unstable. However when 
> i tried to make_kpkg modules_image it doesn't  produce a modules deb 
> file, should it normally?

Only if you've installed extra kernel modules packages, i.e. modules
that aren't part of the kernel source itself. All "normal" modules are
included in the kernel-image package (of course...)

> Also the new kernel seems to use a lot of cpu time about >90% and 

How did you come to this conclusion?
Basically, all normal tools you use for investigating system load (top,
uptime, ...) only look at the cpu usage of user space programs. The
"system" value is what percentage of the time the kernel is doing things
for user space programs...  E.g. the idle loop in the kernel doesn't
count towards that...

So I assume that when you run your 2.4.18 kernel, there's something
that's causing a lot of system cpu usage, perhaps some daemon or
whatever that's not quite compatible with 2.4 kernels?

Paul Slootman

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