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Re: Throughly confused after reading docs

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Stephen Ing wrote:

> This is not gripe about the documentation.  I'm just a bit confuse.


> What I know is the class motherboard is supposed to be rawhide with a
> subarchiture of tincup /  davinci.  There is no milo image for this
> Mobo.  The official doc says N/A is this: not applicable or not
> available?

It's not available.  IIRC, rawhides are SRM-boot-only (SRM is the
preferred boot method where it's available currently).

> I have tried booting from SRM console:
> "boot dka500. -flags 0" like the manual says.

What happens when you try the SRM boot?  Does the kernel give any
particular message or is there something that SRM is saying?


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