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Re: Throughly confused after reading docs

"Stephen Ing" <sing@ci.san-leandro.ca.us> writes:

> Hi folks,
> This is not gripe about the documentation.  I'm just a bit confuse.
> System specs:
> Digital Server 5/300 (5305) /w 512 MB memory
> (This thing was designed for NT 4.0, it won't run vms)
> Tulip based NIC
> NCR internal scsi card for CDROM
> Mylex Dac 960 type raid card with 4 9gig drives. (I know 3 is more optimized)
> What I know is the class motherboard is supposed to be rawhide with a subarchiture of tincup /  davinci.  There is no milo image for this Mobo.  The official doc says N/A is this: not applicable or not available?
> I have tried booting from SRM console:
> "boot dka500. -flags 0" like the manual says.

If you have SRM stay with it. You want to use aboot since milo is a
dirty hack for systems without aboot.

Did you read the woody install docs? Did you get the first woody CD to
boot from?


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