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Re: Call me crazy

On Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 11:12:24PM +0200, linus gasser wrote:
> yes, I know, I should get a decent windows-machine for this, but
> hey, I can dream, can I? OK, here's my catch: I would like to
> capture some video from a DV-cam into my computer. And yes, it's an
> alpha. At work, with an intel-linux, it works more or less (the
> machine's not decent enough... snif).
>  At home, with the alpha, I had to convince the kernel that ieee1394
>  for an alpha is a good idea (2.4.19-rc2).

By adding a "call" to the FireWire configuration scripts, I presume?

Well, as new support/drivers are added to the kernel sources, often
testing and development have been done on only one platform (guess
which? :-). To be safe, only the architecture(s) tested on are given
the option of configuring such devices. Once someone(s) on a different
architecture have done sufficient debug/test to feel brave (:-), they
activate that option for the new architecture.

So, go for it, you guys! :-)

> gscanbus detects the camera, I can 'play', 'stop' and all else (btw:
> who had the idea to compile libraw1394 for an alpha even though it's
> not even supported in the kernel? Sometimes...) But as soon as I try
> to dvgrab something, the file is not recognised afterwards. Neither
> by 'kino', nor 'xine', nor 'xanim'. They all bark at the generated
> file.

Sounds like a data-type problem to me;, binary formatted files and
their access routines MUST be VERY careful to get the data types 
correct for all the architectures that will use them. Most often,
"long" and "pointer" types from i386 are assumed to be 32-bits long,
which is NOT true on Alpha, SPARC64, MIPS64, IA64, and more.

Happy (bug) hunting... :-)


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