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Re: stupid question time

"Rob Thyssen" <aozw05@dsl.pipex.com> writes:

> I have recently got my hands on an Alpha Digital Server 5000 (5305, to
> be precise). It's a real nice machine. Two processors, 2GB of RAM and 7
> 9GB SCSI drives as well as both power supplies. Naturally I want to
> install an operating system that utilises all the hardware resources. My
> first choice is Debian but being new to all things Linux I was wondering
> if any of you bright sparks out there can tell me if Debian (Woody)
> takes advantage of the 64 bit capabilities of the machine?

If you mean the ability to do 64 bit arithmetics, certainly, gcc
provides that. If you mean the ability to have more than 4GB of
memory, that is only supported if you install a 2.4 kernel package,
the default 2.2 kernel supports only up to 2GB AFAIK.


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