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Re: Bloody alpha ignorant

Ralf Hildebrandt <Ralf.Hildebrandt@charite.de> writes:

> On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 11:39:05AM -0400, Jay Estabrook wrote:
> OK.
> So it's:
> 5 MB     bootstrap (any particular partition type here?)

It is best to not cover it with any partition at all. Also, you can
make it smaller if you're desperate for disk space, the boot loader is
only 85k or so.

> 10 MB    /boot

Not really much point in making this a separate partition... there
were bugs in aboot for huge disks, but I think they have been fixed by
now, so the kernel may reside anywhere on the hard disk.

> 256 MB   swap
> the rest /
> BTW, I noticed that my LordSutch image doesn't offer an option like
> "bf24" (to get a 2.4.x kernel right away). Is this intentional,
> because that makes quite a difference to my HPPA and x86 installs of
> Debian (I definitely want ext3...)

There are no 2.4 Alpha boot floppies; I didn't think it would be worth
the trouble, since 2.4 doesn't support more machines, and you can
always switch later.


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