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Bloody alpha ignorant


I already installed Debian both on x86 and HPPA, now I'm trying to
install on a (still) working Alpha box.

alphalinux.org seems to be down at the moment, thus I ask here:

The label on the machine says:

alpha XP 150

a) Is Debian alpha supported on that?

b) Is there any way of finding out more about my particular hardware
   while running OSF/1?

In the log after a reboot:

vmunix: Alpha boot: available memory from 0x648000 to 0x2000000
vmunix: Digital UNIX V4.0E  (Rev. 1091); Wed May
vmunix: physical memory = 32.00 megabytes.
vmunix: available memory = 25.78 megabytes.
vmunix: using 76 buffers containing 0.59 megabytes of memory
vmunix: DEC2000 model 300 system

Aha! It's a "Jensen" model -- so linux should work. Wasn't too keen of
the Hurd anyway...

vmunix: Firmware revision: 2.2
vmunix: PALcode: Digital UNIX version 1.35

Huh? Does this need to be updated?

vmunix: ibus0 at nexus
vmunix: ace0 at ibus0
vmunix: gpc0 at ibus0
vmunix: eisa0 at ibus0
vmunix: qvision0 at eisa0
vmunix: qvision0: CMPQ Qvision 1024/E SVGA
vmunix: tu0: DECchip 21040: Revision: 2.3
vmunix: tu0 at eisa0
vmunix: tu0: DEC TULIP (10Mbps) Ethernet Interface, hardware address: 08-00-2B-93-71-D3
vmunix: tu0: no console mode: defaulting to 10BaseT (UTP) port: half duplex
vmunix: aha0 at eisa0 slot 6
vmunix: scsi0 at aha0
vmunix: rz0 at scsi0 target 0 lun 0 (LID=0) (DEC RZ28B    (C) DEC 0006)
vmunix: rz1 at scsi0 target 1 lun 0 (LID=1) (DEC RZ26L    (C) DEC 440C)
vmunix: rz4 at scsi0 target 4 lun 0 (LID=2) (DEC RRD44   (C) DEC  3593)
vmunix: fdi0 at eisa0
vmunix: fd0 at fdi0 unit 0
vmunix: lp0 at ibus0
vmunix: kernel console: qvision0
vmunix: dli: configured
vmunix: vm_swap_init: warning /sbin/swapdefault swap device not found
vmunix: vm_swap_init: swap is set to lazy (over commitment) mode
vmunix: Environmental Monitoring Subsystem Configured.
c) How do I boot from the CD I created?   
   I mean, this is really a top question. The box can boot from CD,
   can it?

Ralf Hildebrandt (Im Auftrag des Referat V A)   Ralf.Hildebrandt@charite.de
Charite Campus Virchow-Klinikum                 Tel.  +49 (0)30-450 570-155
Referat V A - Kommunikationsnetze -             Fax.  +49 (0)30-450 570-916
Why you can't find your system administrators:
(S)he has phobia toward your name. 
--Ivy Kuang-Ying Shih石光莹 ivy@ic.EECS.berkeley.edu

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