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Re: Bloody alpha ignorant

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 03:55:06PM +0200, Falk Hueffner wrote:
> Ralf Hildebrandt <Ralf.Hildebrandt@charite.de> writes:
> > Is there any way of starting the installation process in b/w (black
> > and white)? We only have a shitty, old, burned-in monitor that doesn't
> > show these stylish colors :)
> Yes, pass the kernel argument "mono". To do so, boot with -fl i, and
> modify the arguments of entry nr. 3 to add "mono".
> (I should probably document that, too, somewhere...)

If I do that, the machine doesn't boot.
I use:
to list the kernels and their parameters, then I copy the line for "3"
and use

b <kernel, ramdisk, etc.> mono

the kernel is loaded and then I'm greeted with a black screen...

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