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Re: woody on pc164 questions

On Sat, Jul 06, 2002 at 11:38:42AM -0500, terrylr@blauedonau.com wrote:
> i have installed potato on a pc164.
> i have upgraded to woody.
> i installed the kernel 2.4.18 generic image.
> i installed the kernel 2.4.18 source.
I got a PC164SX and it's running 2.4.18 fine.

> the machine hangs when attempting to boot any
> kernel other than the original 2.2r6 vmlinuz-2.2.19
> kernel.
Hmm, check and double check your kernel settings, if all else fails make
a generic alpha kernel rather than one specific to your model.

> has anyone had any success compiling and booting
> 2.4.18 on a pc164?

  - Craig
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