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Re: woody on pc164 questions

On Sat, 6 Jul 2002 terrylr@blauedonau.com wrote:

> has anyone had any success compiling and booting
> 2.4.18 on a pc164?

I'm running a few Ruffians with 2.4.18 but assume that they are relatively
close to pc164 (tomatoes and eggs in flying mode are accepted at this
statement :). Still, try to build a kernel image without initrd and with
the appropriate SCSI driver built in (you are told the version of
scsi at boot time). My guess would be, that the hang happens when the
kernel needs scsi  drivers but does not find the initrd
(the suggestion is by no means canonical but it worked for me and the
MILO-hungry versions of Ruffians).

Hope this helps a bit,


Juhan Ernits

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