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Re: openoffice.org binaries for testing?

On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, Tom Vier wrote:

> not very far. i'm not sure i'm giving it the right java "home" directory. i
> set it up /usr/java/jdk1.3.1/ (compaq's jdk). see the url below. i've tried
> a bunch of things, including hard coding "gcc -dumpversion" into that file,
> but it doesn't help.
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-alpha/2002/debian-alpha-200206/msg00086.html

Hmm...looks like the build script thinks that dumpversion is a command
rather than a command-line option to gcc.  If the build script uses the CC
env var, you could always pass it in that way rather than editing the
script itself: CC='gcc -dumpversion' build.sh
or something like that.  I'd have to d/l the source to see just how it
works (takes forever).

> kaffe is just for running it, right? and compaq's (other) jdk is required to
> compile to byte code? kaffe doesn't have a jdk, does it?

Dunno for sure...I'm no Java guy (I know the language, but have never
actually written anything in it).  I suspect that you're correct, though,
looking at kaffe's description (JVM implementation) and still relies on
the classes provided by a JDK...

If I knew more about Java and actually used it here and there on linux, I
would've packaged an installer for Compaq's JDK long ago.  I guess I'm not
the only one in the same boat, though, since nobody else has done any
packages either :-P



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