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OT: Re: Welcome to Liers_dot_net_Liers_dot_org_auction_notification_list

On Thursday 28 February 2002 05:18 am, Laurent Jacques wrote:
> Still spam.
> How users/admins of these debian lists can avoid that ? If you add the
> japanese spams that we receive every day, it's really annoying !

I think there was a discussion of this recently in the Debian Weekly News, so 
you may want to read more there. I read that the Debian lists already do weed 
out spam, but some still gets through and they are looking at ways of 
filtering out even more. No one wants to change to a moderated or closed 
mailing list, for good reason. I guess it's an annoyance that we just have to 
deal with. I've had pretty good success reporting spams to the ISP's 
abuse@... email address; they are usually very responsive (assuming you 
report it and request action in a polite manner) and close or suspend 
accounts as a result.


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