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Re: Welcome to Liers_dot_net_Liers_dot_org_auction_notification_list

Still spam.

How users/admins of these debian lists can avoid that ? If you add the 
japanese spams that we receive every day, it's really annoying !


On Thursday 28 February 2002 11:17, auction-request@liers.net wrote:
> Welcome to the liers.org/liers.net auction notification list.  You are
> receiving this message because you have been subscribed to this list.  This
> list has been setup to notify you when the auction of "liers.org"  and
> "liers.net", on eBay commences. If you do not wish to be on this list you
> can unsubscribe at:
> http://x.vwx.com:81/guest/RemoteListSummary/Liers_dot_net_Liers_dot_org_auc
>tion_notification_list.  You have been added to this list either by your
> request or the request of another as an interested party to this auction.

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