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Re: alpha and sparc boot-floppies

#include <hallo.h>
Anthony Towns wrote on Thu Feb 28, 2002 um 06:00:31PM:

> ] woody/main/disks-i386/3.0.19-2002-02-07
> Be aware that if alpha and sparc boot-floppies aren't uploaded in a timely
> fashion (and 3.0.19 hasn't been), then any bugfixes y'all may need before
> release just plain won't be happening.
> Please upload and test new boot-floppies _right now_.

Please tell us, do we have a chance to start using kernel 2.4.18, at
least on i386 before the final Woody release?

Für manche ist es Windows, für andere der längste Virus der Welt

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