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RE: netboot Alpha Linux with inital ramdisk

You're booting from SRM right? If so simply copy
your ramdisk to a know location. Then  in your kernels
toplevel makefile at the line.


save it.

compile kernel as you normally would and then
do these two extra steps.

        make bootimage
        make bootpfile

When thats done you'll have a file named 'bootpfile'
in arch/alpha/boot. That's your bootp image with an
INITRD attached. You should be able to boot this with
zero args from SRM but if it does fail, add
root=/dev/ramdisk to your flags, you can also pass any other flags
as you like. It may also fail if you have over 1GB of system ram
and Andrea's robust initrd fix has 'not' been applied. My knowledge
is a little rusty so this might have been fixed by now ;-).

If you want examples, see.

www.linuxalpha.org	www.alphadriven.org
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> Subject: netboot Alpha Linux with inital ramdisk
> Hi,
>   Is there a way I can net boot a Alpha Linux box with inital ramdisk.I
> mean how do I prepare a kernel image that is downloaded from the tftp
> server that have inital ramdisk also. Right now I am  booting the
> machine from the local hardisk with the ramdisk as an independent file.
> I want to supply both the inital ramdisk and the kernel image through
> the tftp server.I also need to pass various kernel arguments like
> root=/dev/ram0 and init=/linuxrc . Is it possible to use mknbi from
> etherboot.sourceforge.net  for preparing Alpha Linux kernel also ?
> Any pointers will be really helpful.
> Thanks in advance .
>  -aneesh
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