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Re: Duplex printing using lpr-ppd


I am the mantainer of the gnulpr suite, and I regularly
print duplex

I suggest that you install the whole suite, by
$ apt-get install gnulpr
then you configure the printers by
$ printtool
then you use 
$ gpr file
to print

On Fri, Jan 25, 2002 at 11:00:42AM -0600, Martin Sanborn wrote:
> Does anyone have much experience setting up a printer with duplexing under 
> linux? I don't think my problem in necessarily alpha-specific, but it's hard 
> to say for sure. And, there's no debian-printing mailing list. :)
> I have a HP LaserJet 2200d connected to an Alphastation 250 running Debian 
> woody with a 2.4.14 custom kernel (parport is built-in). Using the normal lpr 
> command prints text and postscript just fine. What I'd like to do is take 
> advantage of the options available through the ppd file, including 
> resolution, tray select, paper type, and especially duplexing. It kind of 
> works with,
> lpr -Plp0 -o Duplex:DuplexNoTumble [filename]
> except for the fact that it's printing landscape instead of portrait! It 
> appears to do this whenever I pass options with the -o flag, even if I don't 
> specify duplexing. For example, specifying the upper tray as a paper source,
> lpr -Plp0 -o InputSlot:Upper [filename]
> prints in landscape mode. 
> Any ideas what the problem might be, or how I might go about forcing it to 
> print in portrait mode? There's nothing that I know of in the /etc/printcap 
> file that would cause this, and the default option in the .ppd file is 
> "DefaultLeadingEdge:Short".
> Thanks for the suggestions.
> Marty Sanborn
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