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Re: Optimize X

On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 08:06:34AM -0600, raptor-32@xgs.dhs.org wrote:
> Get a video card that is supported properly by XF4, and install the
> proper driver for it.  Im using an ATI Radeon 32Meg SDR, with 128Megs of
> RAM X is pretty damn quick for me, then again im used to running it with
> 48 with my other computer. :P

I must assume any matrox card is properly supported in XF4. However, the
original poster could always try to run Xstone or some such benchmark to
find out if it's really X that's slow.

> I hear of people putting insane amount s of memory in their alphas, like
> the 1.5gigs i just read.  Where do you guys buy this memory?  Or do i
> have the only alpha that doesnt take normal SD ram?
As a matter of fact, my PWS500au ate straight ECC PC133 dimms, which I
got on Ebay at $34 per dimm (256 megabytes each).

Good luck,
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