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Re: Optimize X

On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 11:04:52AM +0100, Laurent Jacques wrote:
> Hello,
> Do you have some hints to optimize the X server on alpha ?
> I have just installed debian on my Alpha PW au433 (miata) after a RedHat 7.1 
> axp configuration and X seems quite slow now.
> My configuration is:
> 	Video card: Matrox (mga)
> 	Depth: 16
> 	XFree 4.1.0
> 	Kernel linux 2.2.19
How much memory do you have, and what window-manager are you using?
X is quite fast here, on my PWS500au, but I have loaded it with 1.5 Gb
of ram - not that you'd need that much to get X going :-)
I'm using fvwm95.

Good luck,
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