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Re: Optimize X

Get a video card that is supported properly by XF4, and install the
proper driver for it.  Im using an ATI Radeon 32Meg SDR, with 128Megs of
RAM X is pretty damn quick for me, then again im used to running it with
48 with my other computer. :P

I hear of people putting insane amount s of memory in their alphas, like
the 1.5gigs i just read.  Where do you guys buy this memory?  Or do i
have the only alpha that doesnt take normal SD ram?

You can create 2.4.x kernel debian packages, but i would advise against
it.  Download the sources, read the kernel how-to, or ask someone to
help you out for getting into menuconfig,the rest is easy.  

Good Luck,

Richard  Fillion

PS: sound still aint working, but getting closer, does anyone know if
maybe the Digital Server 3000s didnt have ISAPnP compatible

On Fri, Dec 21, 2001 at 12:13:58PM +0100, Laurent Jacques wrote:
> On Friday 21 December 2001 12:47, Jurriaan on Alpha wrote:
> > How much memory do you have, and what window-manager are you using?
> > X is quite fast here, on my PWS500au, but I have loaded it with 1.5 Gb
> > of ram - not that you'd need that much to get X going :-)r
> > I'm using fvwm95.
> I have 256MB of ram and I use kde 2.2.2. 
> It is slower than fvwm95 but it was quicker on redhat 7.1 axp than now on my 
> debian woody. This explains my question.
> Laurent.
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