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Renice 20

On the debian alpha and intel machines I have, renice seems to ignore
my requests to renice a process to 20. According to the renice man
page, a nice level of 20 should restrict the process to running only
when no other processes are running. However, on the debian systems, a
command like

renice 20 [jobno]

doesn't seem to do it. When I look at the processes using top, the
given job is listed as nice 19 and is using about 10% of the CPU. This
does not appear to be the case on the RedHat alpha machine I have,
where top reports 0% CPU usage and nice 20 when other user jobs are

Is this a bug, or is top just wrong? I know top has problems reporting
memory usage, so does it have problems with nice levels, too? Though,
if I look at the reniced process (in this case setiathome) output, I can see
it is still running even if there are other user jobs.


Marty Sanborn


| Martin Sanborn		     |	email	m-sanborn@nwu.edu	   |
| Department of Chemical Engineering |	phone	(847)467-1653		   |
| Northwestern University	     |	web	zeolites.cqe.nwu.edu/marty |

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