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Re: Renice 20

On Wednesday, 12 Dec, marty@fiesta.cqe.nwu.edu wrote:
> However, on the debian systems, a
> command like
> renice 20 [jobno]
> doesn't seem to do it. When I look at the processes using top, the
> given job is listed as nice 19 and is using about 10% of the CPU. This
> does not appear to be the case on the RedHat alpha machine I have,
> where top reports 0% CPU usage and nice 20 when other user jobs are
> running. 

I think this is dependent on the kernel version, rathen than distribution.
I've noticed that Linux 2.2.x lets you do nice 20 and the job then keeps
consuming 0.9% CPU (still not a complete halt), whereas Linux 2.4.x can
only do nice 19 with the corresponding increase in CPU consumption.  I've
noticed no difference in Intel vs Alpha or Debian vs RedHat comparisons.
BTW, FreeBSD's nice 20 does stop the job completely.

> Is this a bug, or is top just wrong?

Looks like a kernel bug to me.


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