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Re: kernels I build just won't boot, what's the trick?


> However, taking the 2.2.20 source and the config
> file associated with the generic image, changing only the
> subarchitecture (?) from generic to lx164, gives a kernel
> which just won't boot.  No problems compiling, fortunately,
> but MILO just complains that the kernel can't be booted, period.

Try configuring it as a PC164 instead of an LX164.

I vaguely remember this problem. I don't remember what I did to
solve it tough, but I can think of three tings I changed from the
time I had it to the time it went away:
1. Upgraded to a never kernel
2. Upgraded to a never version of MILO
3. Changed from AlphaBIOS to SRM
You might want to try one or all of these options.

I don't know what the consequences are of choosing
PC164 instead of LX164, but at least mine booted ;)

- IT

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