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Re: Upload file (Re: Enconding ogg-files)

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:

> No, it does not work. I tried wav's created by cdparanoia, various
> small samples (including reference samples for the Frauenhofer
> mp3-Standard). It always aborts (Segmentation Fault) and leaves 0 byte
> files. Only one wav-file I got was partially converted - and here
> `file` says something weired (not the usually wav-stuff but something
> with Macintosh -sorry, I forgot to copy this down).

	Are you sure you are installing and holding the libvorbis0 and
libvorbis-dev packages that you've made? Otherwise they'll be overwritten
on update.

> Can you post a "working" wav-file somewhere so I can try that ? 
Try http://www.ascient.net/~stroucki/spmg54_1.wav.bz2 .

> I can also post a "strace" call if this helps.
gdb output of a library compiled with -g would help more.


"I'm not just a server, but I'm also a client."		Debian GNU/Linux
Michael Stroucken	stroucki@debian.org	 Is your penguin 64 bit?

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