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Re: raid 1 woes

On Sun, Nov 11, 2001 at 06:42:49PM +0800, Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:
> been getting these on a recently created raid 1 array.
> machine avanti (alphastation 255/233) 2.4.14
> cannot write an ext2 fs.  get an oops as well :(
> mkreiserfs works, but later at what seems to be un uncertain time, it
> oopses too.
> unsure if this is vm stuff or raid ... ideas?
> Nov 11 18:41:21 beowulf kernel: Unable to handle kernel paging request at
> virtual address 7ffffc0002b7b020
> Nov 11 18:41:21 beowulf kernel: tkparse(480): Oops 0
> Nov 11 18:41:22 beowulf kernel: pc = [raid1_read_balance+384/512]  ra =
> [raid1_make_request+480/1248]  ps = 0000    Not tainted

Looks VERY similar to what I get on my alpha.
Read the thread titled something like "the impossibility of raid1"
about the very sad story about alpha and raid1.

I've basically given up on it for a while.

  - Craig
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