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Qmail build on DEC Alphastation 250

I recently installed Debian (first potato 2.2r3, then upgraded to 
woody/testing) on another Alpha workstation we own. This workstation is a DEC 
Alphastation 250, and /proc/cpuinfo claims it is an "Avanti". I'm running a 
2.4.13 kernel built from the debian source, with "Generic" as the Alpha 
system type. I also have another 2.4.13 kernel with "Avanti" as the Alpha 
system type.

I'm attempting to build qmail from the qmail-src package. At the end of the 
build, I get "make: *** [binary-arch] Illegal instruction". I'm afraid I 
don't know how to handle this. The only stuff I can find about an error are 
in bug reports to Debian. Any ideas where I should start? It built fine with 
the 2.2.19 kernel installed with potato, but won't build on the new 2.4.13 
kernel I compiled. Or, perhaps it has something to do with the upgrade to 

Marty Sanborn

| Martin Sanborn - Dept. of Chemical Engineering - Northwestern University |
| m-sanborn@nwu.edu - (847)467-1653 - http://zeolites.cqe.nwu.edu/marty |

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