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Re: Installing Debian on AlphaStation 255

"Bertram Fey" <b_fey@web.de> writes:

> I'm trying to install Debian on a AlphaStation 255 via bootp boot and
> network install.
> The installation crashes when "installing essential packages", exactly
> when "setting up sysvinit". Since it's sid (woody and potato don't seem
> to like the 255) it's sysvinit 2.83-2. After creating /dev/initctl,
> there is a dpkg warning: architecture 'alpha-none' not in remapping
> table and the system crashes, even the console on tty2 isn't usable any
> more.

It looks like you have been bitten by bug #116829. As a workaround,
try moving /sbin/init away and symlinking it to /bin/true while
installing base.

It is not clear how to fix this bug properly, but I'm sure we will
resolve this issue soon.


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