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need help with milo and repartitioning

I have a second Alpha machine (533 Mhz 164lx) running 
Debian/Alpha/Woody and v2.4.12 of the kernel.  It uses the Alphabios 
and milo to boot.  That works fine if sda1 stores the kernel, 
ldlinload, and milo, sda2 for root, and sda3 for usr.

Now I want to rearrange some of the partitions (to convert all to 
reiserfs) and temporarily use sdb3 for root and sdb4 for usr while 
still maintaining sda1 as the boot space for milo, kernel, etc.  I have 
modified the OS options of Alphabios with the parameters 
"root=/dev/sdb3 single", but milo seems to ignore this after the boot 
(note: I have /etc/fstab temporarily modified in the sdb3 copy to use 
sdb4 as usr, etc.).  I can see the parameters getting passed during the 
boot, but the system boots exactly as before.  It is as if the normal 
parameters were hard coded into milo somehow.

Can anyone help me with this?  One option I probably should do anyway 
is boot from a floppy (passing the same parameters) and see if this 
will work.  A second option I might do is convert to SRM (similar to my 
first Alpha) which I like better anyway.

Also, the remaining partitions are already converted to reiserfs.  I 
also tried to boot v2.4.13 and it gave me problems for some reason.
I noticed a v2.2-18 of milo that supports reiserfs on alphalinux.org.  
Do I need this to boot in this instance?  The version of aboot I use on 
my SRM machine supports reiserfs also.  Is this my problem?

James D. Freels, P.E._i, Ph.D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
freelsjd@ornl.gov - work
jdfreels@home.com - home

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